articles/2018-04-17_1451.png Not just your food heater!

It's not secret by now that we are always talking about the Hot Logic. Meet someone who is always on the road? Needs a Hot Logic. Wants to eat healthier but doesn't have the time to cook.. Needs a Hot Logic. Well, it is supposed to be spring but h... Read More

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articles/29388988_1761607273906784_2386292861973823488_n.jpg Hot Logic users share their love and why

Did you know that the Hot Logic has 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon? Hot Logic's Facebook Page alone has over 21,000 likes! The Hot Logic Recipes Facebook page continues to grow each day where loyal followers post their recipes and fun experiments te... Read More

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articles/social-media-3129481_1920.jpg Fox News 17 Features Hot Logic

It's ok to toot our own horn ever so often right?!? If you really have tried your Hot Logic, you most likely have told at least three people about it (one of our guarantees!).  Watch this video shared by Fox 17 News! We love when we get more chan... Read More

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articles/IMG_4247.JPG Meet the Hot Logic 4!

Happy New Year! Do you love your Hot Logic Mini or 9x13? Do you wish you had more flexibility for your home? Well, I would love to introduce you to the Hot Logic 4! The Hot Logic 4 is a polycarbonate and stainless steel cabinet with Smart-shelf te... Read More

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Hello Hot Logic junkies! As Hot Logic continues to grow and we continue to receive questions for more recipes and ways to use your Hot Logic, we wanted to let you know, we heard you! We want to introduce you to Dana! She is hijacking our social me... Read More

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