It's that time of year again, pictures to take, shuttling kids around, meetings and practices... the list goes on. Planning meals, making sure the family is fed, different eating times, finding time to do homework, it's amazing how much spare time... Read More

Sep 14, 2017 0 Comments

It's that time of the year to pull out your foam finger, freshen up your jersey and get out the face paint, IT's FOOTBALL SEASON! We are just a little excited here, I mean, food is kind of our thing.  This year, make sure to add the Hot Logic Mini... Read More

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Labor Day means different things to all us across the country. In Michigan, it often tends to be our last weekend of summer and transitions us into the Fall Season. The Holiday for the US signifies the yearly national tribute to hard working Ameri... Read More

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I had the joy of enjoying the beautiful Michigan weather this past weekend as Fall quickly approaches. As someone who eats a restricted diet, camping can quickly become a challenge especially when tent camping. So, this weekend I decided I would m... Read More

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articles/vegetables-752153_1920.jpg AIP (Autoimmune protcol) Diet in the Hot Logic

Hot Logic loves to share our fun ideas, tips and tricks for the Hot Logic but we also want to focus on the health benefits it offers. Many of our users embrace the Hot Logic as it enables users to eat whole food diets without using the microwave o... Read More

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