articles/IMG_6359.jpg Chili

How is it October already? This summer seemed to have flown by and here in Michigan, September was a weekly occurrence of all four seasons! We could have the air on during the day and the heat on at night. This weekend I realized I have not touche... Read More

Oct 02, 2018 0 Comments
articles/braai-2572725_1920.jpg Tailgating Series Part 3

As we continue our tailgating ideas, breakfast is a must to address. This past weekend was another noon game so it was a perfect time for loaded tater tot casserole. These two quick and easy recipes work well paired together. Tater tot casserole T... Read More

Sep 27, 2018 0 Comments
articles/food-photography-2358902_1920.jpg Tailgating Series Part 2

In our first tailgating series, we talked about using the 9x13 to prepare and heat a nacho bar. A couple of weeks ago I tried loaded mac and cheese at a BBQ food truck. In the past, I have had burger in my mac and cheese but never really thought a... Read More

Sep 25, 2018 0 Comments
articles/nacho-2571340_1920.jpg Tailgating Series Part 1

As Fall approaches, it marks the start of one big event... FOOTBALL and tailgating! If you are new to Hot Logic, you may have started with the Hot Logic mini and have not quite built your arsenal of multiples and sizes. What I love the most about ... Read More

Sep 18, 2018 0 Comments
articles/steak-1081819_1920.jpg Testing Steak in the Hot Logic

I love to bring a protein for my lunch and add it to a salad or a side of vegetables. Most times I try to plan ahead but I don't always make that happen. In an effort to have a quick and healthy lunch, I took some raw steak I had out of the refrig... Read More

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