The Hot Logic Mini is a 3-In-1 Electric Lunchbox that's perfect for dorms and college apartments. It cooks food from scratch, reheats leftovers and frozen dinners, then holds it hot until you're ready to eat!

It's So Easy, You Have to Use It to Believe It!

3 quick steps to eating healthy

1. Load It...

2. Leave It...

3. Eat It!

The "MUST-HAVE" Meal Companion For Campus Life!

You're busy with classes and studying... who has time to cook?

  • It's literally "Hands-Free" - No watching your food... no flipping, turning or stirring!
  • Just load it, plug it in and forget it!
  • Food stays HOT for hours without over cooking or burning!
  • Goes wherever you go: Take it to class, the library or work so you always have a hot meal with you whenever you find time to eat.
  • It's practically 'required' dorm equipment for pulling all nighters cramming for exams and marathon game sessions on weekends!
  • You can cook a frozen dinner right in the box! How "NO-BRAINER" is THAT!?

Hot Logic is a Huge Time Saver!

  • No more skipping breakfast because you're late for class. Cook your breakfast while you sleep!
  • Bring it with you so you don't have to fly back across campus just to grab some food!
  • And no more waiting in line in the cafeteria!

You Won't Have to Shoot Out So Many
"SEND MONEY!" Notes to Mom and Dad!

  • Stop spending your folk's money in the cafeteria or fast food joints...
  • Reheat leftovers to stretch your food budget!
  • No more ruining your food in a microwave!
  • And no more throwing away good food and wasting money!

Professional Grade Technology In a Personal, Portable Size

  • Patented Smart Cooking Technology found in our commercial ovens used in professional kitchens, health facilities and corporate lunchrooms.
  • Trusted by Ford, Amazon, Intel, Walmart, Herman Miller and many other leading companies for its safety, convenience and health benefits.

Now In 6 Fun Colors - Choose The Package That's Right For You!