Say "GOODBYE" to Using a Microwave or Eating Your Prepped Meals COLD!...

Fit Couple Cooks and Hot Logic Have Solved Meal
Prepper's Biggest Challenge: Heating Meals On The Go!

The Hot Logic Mini is a 3-In-1 Electric Lunchbox that safely cooks food from scratch and
perfectly reheats your prepped meals, then holds it hot until you're ready to eat. Use it at
home... work... school... and even in your vehicle to eat HOT, Healthy Meals On The Go!

Fit Couple Cook's Subscribers Think The
Hot Logic Mini is "Crazy Genius!"

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It's So Easy, You Have to Use It to Believe It!

3 quick steps to eating healthy

1. Load It...

2. Leave It...

3. Eat It!

The Ultimate In Cleanliness and Safety

  • Ideal for preppers with food sensitivies. Food stays safe in a sealed-lid container so you don’t have to worry about cross contamination from other foods!
  • No more touching food in the break room refrigerator or having to heat your meals in a dirty microwave!
  • Eat right out of the meal container knowing your food is as safe as when you prepared it!

The Ultimate In Convenience

  • Practically "Hands-Free" - No watching, flipping, turning or stirring!
  • Cook your favorite frozen meals right in the box!
  • lightweight, easy to carry!
  • Fits in most popular meal management bags!
  • Take it in your vehicle for HOT meals on the road!

Save Time!

  • Prep a healthy meal from scratch in minutes!
  • Prepped meals go straight from the fridge or freezer to the Hot Logic!
  • Cook a healthy breakfast while you sleep, or a healthy meal while you work!
  • No more wasting time standing in line to use an unhealthy lunchroom microwave!

Professional Grade Technology In a Personal, Portable Size

  • Patented Smart Cooking Technology found in our commercial ovens used in professional kitchens, health facilities and corporate lunchrooms.
  • Trusted by Ford, Amazon, Intel, Walmart, Herman Miller and many other leading companies for its safety, convenience and health benefits.

No Risk 90 Day Money Back Guarantee +
FREE 3 Year Extended Warranty!

  • Try a Hot Logic Mini for 90 days. Cook in it, take it to work or use it in your vehicle for hot meals on the road. If you don't fall in love with your Mini, just send it back for a No Questions Asked 100% refund. We'll even refund any shipping costs you paid!
  • When you buy on this website, you also get a FREE THREE YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY against any defects! If you have any problems with it at all, we'll replace it for free!

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