See Why The TODAY Show Says The Hot Logic Mini is the Perfect Way for Busy Students to Save Time and Money While Eating HOT, Healthier Meals and Snacks!

One taste of food cooked in a Hot Logic Mini and you'll never eat cafeteria food again!

See Why University of Michigan Student Leah Loves Her Mini!

Watch as CBS Heartland News Puts The Mini To The "Hot Wings Test" at a Tailgate Party!

7 Reasons The Hot Logic Mini Is The Coolest Dorm Room Gadget EVER!

  • 1 Beyond simple: No buttons, dials or timers! Pop in a meal, zip it up, plug it in and go!
  • 2 Safetly and Cleanliness: No spills, splatters or burnt, caked-on food. To clean, just wipe with a damp cloth (if it's ever needed).
  • 3 More Versatile, Uses Less Power, Saves Money: The Mini runs on 120v meaning you can use it in your dorm room, in study hall... anywhere you want. Use the optional 75w inverter to use the Mini in your car on road trips home too!
  • 4 Use Any Kind of Meal Container You Want: The Hot Logic Mini allows you to use Glass, Plastic (Tupperware), Metal and Paper. You can heat a frozen dinner while it's still in the box, toss in a handful of frozen burritos right in the wrapper or reheat a piece of Dominos on a paper towel! And because the Mini doesn't "nuke" food from the inside out, you don't have to worry about messy splatters, spills or explosions like a microwave.
  • 5 Smart Shelf Cooking Technology Means Better Food Quality, Appearance and FLAVOR! All the benefits in the world don't mean anything unless the food tastes good, right? This is where the Hot Logic Mini shines. Our Patented Smart Shelf Cooking Technology uses "low-slow conduction heating" to gently cook and reheat foods. Lower temps mean better quality meats and veggies than you'll get in a microwave. Imagine Hot Wings falling off the bone... or mom's reheated lasagne that's just as tender, juicey and delicous as the day it was made. Food never over cooks, burns or dries out... no cold centers and hard, burnt edges like a microwave.

Watch How Fast and Easy You Can Make a Meal From Scratch!

Easy Beef Stew
Chicken With Tomato Rice
Lemon Pepper Salmon
Mini Portabella Pizza
  • 6 Lightweight, Compact Size: The Mini's soft-sided bag collapses to an inch high, meaning you can stuff it anywhere in your dorm or shove it in a backpack easily. But don't let it's small size fool you, it'll still hold a 6 Cup food dish for cooking enough chow to last all day!
  • 7 Holds Your Food Hot ALL DAY Without Over-Cooking, Burning or Drying Out!
    We said it before but this one bears repeating. You can put a meal in the Mini in the morning, go to class all day and whenever you're ready to eat (whether that's in a hour or 8 hours later) your food will be piping hot, juicey and delicous. Food never over-cooks, burns or dries out. Reheated leftovers taste just as good (if not better) than when they were made. You really have to experience the AWESOMENESS of the Hot Logic Mini to appreciate it!

    8 BONUS REASON: No Questions Asked "TRIPLE GUARANTEE!"
    We know about the long hours you put in studying, and the corners you cut to save every nickel and dime to make ends meet while you're in school. That's why your purchase is backed by an unheard of TRIPLE GUARANTEE and 90 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. We'll even refund any shipping cost you might have paid! If you don't fall in love with your Mini, we don't want your money.

What People Are Saying...

Best Little Hot Oven!
By E Starz on June 12, 2016
Color: Blue | Verified Purchase

I really like this little hot oven!! I prep some of my meals during the week and this little thing keeps food hot and ready to eat within 60 to 90 minutes depends on how cold your food is!! I love it that is portable and you can actually take it with you on the road. I really love that it does not dry out your food like some microwaves do, especially chicken!! I use it at home and when i travel. Its pretty versatile, from college students who are limited to cooking equipment at dorms, to a trucker who wants to eat while the road, people who travel for business and don't want to eat outside, people who want to keep on track with there diet & even seniors who just don't want to use appliances to heat up there foods. The beauty of this little oven, your food wont burn and basically can heat any flat topper ware or Pyrex containers. I prefer Pyrex containers but i have used plastic ones. I have a feeling i will be ordering another one once i show my mom this neat little oven!! A win win!!!

Best Warmer Ever!
By R.T. on July 12, 2016
Color: Orange | Verified Purchase

Best warmer ever! It pays for itself in just 3 meals! First found this 3 years ago while searching for similar for college kids in dorm and glad I got this instead. Have since bought a dozen as presents. Been using for long road trips pack own homemade meals , where you just don't want to be eating greasy fast food or cold sandwiches specially during winter and with this you can even stop at more scenic area on the way and have a picnic.

By Zippy on January 3, 2016
Great product for people with allergies
Color: Blue | Verified Purchase

have food allergies and need to bring my own food to places, and this thing has been a lifesaver when I can't get to a safe microwave! My college's library has outlets at all the tables, so I just plug this in and my food is hot by the time I'm done studying. The thickest thing I've tried to heat with this is quinoa with chunks of chicken mixed in, and it was evenly warmed in about 30-45 minutes. I even tried reheating some frozen fries and a frozen veggie burger with this, and they were both ready to eat after 45 minutes! Highly recommend this, would definitely buy from them again if I needed another one.

A helpful alternative
By Taunya Brooks on April 16, 2016
Color: Black | Verified Purchase

My college student loved this for her dorm as hot plates and microwaves were not allowed in the rooms. She found this a helpful alternative to eating cold foods in her room and Pyrex dish included was even more of a plus so she would not have to wonder what she could use with this. I'll give it 5 stars once I see how long the life of this is going to be. So far my daughter seems happy.

One of the greatest inventions known to man
By CA Hawkeye on October 2, 2015
Color: Black | Verified Purchase

One of the greatest inventions known to man! and it is sooo simple. I use it almost everyday at work - set it and forget it. Come back to a perfectly heated lunch everyday. Bought one for my son at college and he loves it in his first apartment. Buy several, you will dig this!

Better option than a microwave
By Lady Lyss on June 14, 2016
Color: Black | Verified Purchase

Extremely comparable to a microwave or if you are constantly on the go. Using glassware like pyrex yields the best results. It takes awhile to heat but it tastes 100% better than anything heated in a microwave. Perfect for college students / students / office workers / truckers. I think this makes a wonderful gift and it's such a handy item!

This is an excellent product. Got it for my son and his ...
By Belinda Holmes on September 26, 2016
Color: Black | Verified Purchase

This is an excellent product. Got it for my son and his remark was Best Gift. He uses it everyday for College and his part time job. It really heats the food compared with a microwave or stove. It is lightweight and not bulky.

I love this thing!
By Ryan on April 17, 2016
Color: Black | Verified Purchase

All I have to do is plug this thing in with my food inside and in 10 mins it's warm enough to eat! Amazing if you don't have access to a microwave easily around lunchtime (college students on campus, etc.). It is very high quality based on the feel of it and it does keep the food warm without making the outside of the bag too warm. It does what it says very well.

I can't even...
By raptorfromspaceon August 29, 2014
Color: Blue | Verified Purchase

10/10. I spent an embarrassingly long time on Amazon researching ways to keep my lunch hot through the day, as I'm a picky eater and dont do cold food, compounded with the fact that I'm a college student and don't have easy access to a microwave. I ended up trying this due to the overwhelmingliy positive user reviews, no regrets.

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