Keep your family safe from gluten and food cross contamination and start enjoying meal time again!

Hot Logic Makes Everywhere You Go
Food Allergy

The Hot Logic Mini is a 3-In-1 Electric Lunchbox that safely cooks food from scratch and reheats leftovers in a secure, sealed-container, then holds it hot until you're ready to eat. Use it at home... work... school... and in your vehicle to stay safe from dangerous food allergies!

The Most Satisfying Stories About The Hot Logic Come From Our
Customers With Food Allergies:

A must have if you have food allergies and need to bring your own food to events!

"Life saver! No, seriously it is! My son has multiple food allergies. We can't go anywhere without taking food for him with us. No birthday parties, no weddings, no play dates.

He can't or won't eat most cold cuts and he can't have grains, so no bread for sandwiches. Almost everything he eats is hot food. We like boating and can't go out on the lake all day and not feed him a healthy meal and he can't eat what is served at the dock restaurant.

Then, we found this in a post on Facebook. An alternative medicine doctor I follow doesn't like microwaves and he uses this for his lunch at work.

I bought one the same day I saw his post and have not regretted it! We make his lunch or dinner and put it in a glass Pyrex container. We put that dish inside the HotLogic Portable Oven and take it with us wherever we go.

We can plug it in our car to keep it warm during travel to our destination and then plug it in again when we get there. We use it on our boat. We just purchased an adapter. We have used it at birthday parties and weddings. It just looks like a lunch box. It isn't heavy or bulky. It fits in a standard outlet and use an adapter for a car or boat's cigarette lighter or auxiliary outlet.

Fantastic purchase that made life so much easier."

Verified Buyer

This is a Treasure!

This is truly amazing! I leave it on my desk in my cube and can always have a comforting, hot meal for lunch… I’m very pleased that you can't smell the food cooking. I'm trying to eat Gluten-free, so taking sandwiches for lunch is out for me. This lets me look forward to enjoying something besides cold salads or else paying the expense of going out for a meal.

Verified Buyer

Life Changer!

This thing is amazing!! This has changed my life! My children and I have special dietary requirements (gluten free and PKU) and have a hard time eating appropriately while on road trips. We used this on a trip recently and we all had hot and HEALTHY lunches. So happy! Such a stress reliever for me!!!

Melissa P.
Verified Buyer

A lifesaver!

"With multiple food allergies and issues, this enables me to be assured (of) no allergens, mostly organic, healthy food. I love it. I have even started taking it on car trips where I plug it in to my converter and (it) saves me money and allergy attacks. I just can't say enough good things about it and now the person who shares my office with me has bought one and started using it daily also."

Verified Buyer

Love it!

"This helped me while in Vegas to cook my meals in my hotel. I have so many food allergies, so traveling is always a risk. This gives me freedom… and I loved it!!"

Pretty M.
Verified Buyer

Great product for people with food allergies!

"I have food allergies and need to bring my own food to places, and this thing has been a lifesaver when I can't get to a safe microwave! My college's library has outlets at all the tables, so I just plug this in and my food is hot by the time I'm done studying… Highly recommend this, would definitely buy from them again if I needed another one."

Verified Buyer

Bloody Genius Invention!

Love it! Love it! I do construction, and also have to eat a very specific gluten free vegan diet. This makes my life so much better, now I don't have to have cold food all day. Thank you!!!!

Verified Buyer

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It's So Easy, You Have to Use It to Believe It!

3 quick steps to eating healthy

1. Load It...

2. Leave It...

3. Eat It!

The Ultimate In Food Safety

  • Food stays safe in a sealed-lid container so you don’t have to worry about cross contamination from other foods!
  • No more touching food in the break room refrigerator or having to heat your meals in a dirty microwave!
  • Eat right out of the meal container knowing your food is as safe as when you prepared it!

The Ultimate In Convenience

  • Practically "Hands-Free" - No watching, flipping, turning or stirring!
  • Cook your favorite frozen meals right in the box!
  • lightweight, easy to carry!
  • Fits in most popular meal management bags!
  • Take it in your vehicle for HOT meals on the road!

Save Time!

  • Prep a healthy meal from scratch in minutes!
  • Leftoevers go straight from the fridge or freezer to the Hot Logic (store food safely in sealed-lid container)!
  • Cook a healthy breakfast while you sleep!
  • No more wasting time looking for "safe foods!"

Professional Grade Technology In a Personal, Portable Size

  • Patented Smart Cooking Technology found in our commercial ovens used in professional kitchens, health facilities and corporate lunchrooms.
  • Trusted by Ford, Amazon, Intel, Walmart, Herman Miller and many other leading companies for its safety, convenience and health benefits.

No Risk 90 Day Money Back Guarantee + FREE
3 Year Extended Warranty!

  • Try a Hot Logic Mini for 90 days. Cook in it, take it to work or use it in your vehicle for hot meals on the road. If you don't fall in love with your Mini, just send it back for a No Questions Asked 100% refund. We'll even refund any shipping costs you paid!
  • When you buy on this website, you also get a FREE THREE YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY against any defects! If you have any problems with it at all, we'll replace it for free!

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