See Why In a Side-By-Side Comparison The Hot Logic Mini Beats RoadPro By a Mile!

One taste of food cooked in a Hot Logic Mini and you'll never use a RoadPro again!

7 Reasons The Hot Logic Mini Runs Circles Around a RoadPro

  • 1 Beyond simple: No buttons, dials or timers! Pop in a meal, zip it up, plug it in and go!
  • 2 Safetly and Cleanliness: No spills, splatters or burnt, caked-on food. To clean, just wipe with a damp cloth (if it's ever needed).
  • 3 More Versatile, Uses Less Power, Saves Money: The Mini runs on 120v meaning you can use it at home or a hotel room. Any 75w inverter will run the Mini all day in your truck!
  • 4 Use Any Kind of Meal Container You Want: Tired of tasting metal in your food or prying a stuck piece of chicken off the bottom of the pan? The Hot Logic Mini allows you to use Glass, Plastic (Tupperware), Metal and Paper. You can heat a frozen dinner while it's still in the box! And because you're using a container with a tight fitting lid, you don't have to worry about hot food and liquid spilling all over your cab!
  • 5 Smart Shelf Cooking Technology Means Better Food Quality, Appearance and FLAVOR! All the benefits in the world don't mean anything unless the food tastes good, right? This is where the Hot Logic Mini shines. Our Patented Smart Shelf Cooking Technology uses "low-slow conduction heating" to gently cook and reheat foods. Lower temps mean better quality meats and veggies than you'll get in a RoadPro or microwave. Imagine slow-cooked ribs falling off the bone... or reheated lasagne that's just as tender, juicey and delicous as the day it was made. Food never over cooks, burns or dries out... no cold centers and hard, burnt edges like a microwave.

Watch How Fast and Easy You Can Make a Meal From Scratch!

Lemon Pepper Salmon
Chicken With Tomato Rice
Lemon Pepper Salmon
Mini Portabella Pizza
  • 6 Lightweight, Compact Size: The Mini's soft-sided bag collapses to an inch high, meaning you can stuff it under your seat or pack it in an overnight bag easily. But don't let it's small size fool you, it'll still hold a 6 Cup food dish for cooking the hungriest of hungry man meals!

The Mini is HALF the size of the RoadPro!

  • 7 The Best Warranty In The Business: Look, we know you've tried a lot of different products that claim to be the greatest thing since air-ride driver's seats (we actually make those too). So if you think the Hot Logic Mini is just another Truck Stop piece of junk, let not your heart be troubled!
    We value the hard work, long hours and personal sacrifices you make to deliver America's products and goods. That's why your purchase is backed by an unheard of TRIPLE GUARANTEE and 90 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. We'll even refund any shipping cost you might have paid! If you don't fall in love with your Mini, we don't want your money.

CBS Heartland News Gives Hot Logic Mini 5 Stars, Declares Us a "WINNER!"

What Truckers
Are Saying...

Good for truckers
By christine on June 21, 2016
Color: Blue | Verified Purchase

Really like the item. It reheats food reasonably well and is very convenient for people who don't use microwaves. I'm a cross-country truck driver & it's perfect for safely and neatly warming leftovers and soup while driving. That can be really tricky & messy while on the open road. Only drawback is that items must be in a completely flat bottomed container to reheat well and most storage containers aren't. I didn't notice that information in the description and it would've been helpful as I didn't have any when I first tried using the hot logic. FYI, the pyrex containers with lids work great with this product.

OTR trucker review
By Verified Customer on September 27, 2016
Color: Orange | Verified Purchase

I'm an over the road trucker and this is a great little meal heater. My wife prepares meals in advance, and I keep them in my truck refrigerator/cooler. We keep the meals in the plastic containers with lids that are in the frequently purchased with section of this page. I simply put the meal in about an hour to 2 hours in advance of my meal break. Great invention!

Amazing !!!!
By Verified Customer on September 17, 2016
Color: Blue | Verified Purchase

This little oven rocks!!! I am an over the road truck driver and meals in the truck stop are expensive. The versatility of this cooker is amazing. I use a small 400 watt inverter for it with no problems. When I stop for an afternoon break, I just place a meal in the oven and when I stop for the night, my dinner is thoroughly cooked and hot without being over cooked or burnt. Its small size is great for the limited storage in my truck. I highly recommend this!!!!!

Cookin for the King
By Dominic N on August 24, 2016
Color: Black | Verified Purchase

This thing is amazing. I bought the Hotlogic Mini after two of my co-workers bought them. I was always jealous that they were having such good meals. They cooked brats, salmon, meatloaf, ect. I decided to take the plunge thinking I could start eating all the deer venison that I had stored up from my last hunt. I defrosted the deer stakes and threw them in a microwaveable safe container with some peppers from my garden. I started cooking them at 6:30am when I got to work and at 11:30am took them out and they were done to perfection. The peppers were soft but not mushy, and the stakes were completely cooked, not over done and not dry. It was seriously the best lunch I have ever had at work. From raw to perfect in a couple hours. All it took was a few minutes to prep out at home and I'm eating like a king. If you had a power inverter there is no reason you couldn't have an amazing meal in your car or truck. This is the best pair of Jacksons I have spent.

Love it a lot!
By Trish King on July 16, 2016
Color: Blue | Verified Purchase

I use it in the 18wheeler truck all the time and buy another one too to use with more stuff.

Can't say enough good things!
By Verified Customer on July 6, 2016
Color: Black | Verified Purchase

Amazing product! Affordable and works just as described. Extremely happy to find something I can use with a converter in my work truck.

The best gift I could have given.
By B. Vossekuil on March 20, 2016
Color: blue | Verified Purchase

Best purchase ever for my truck driver husband. He uses this daily to heat up leftovers. We bought some rubber maid containers that fit perfectly in it for home leftovers. He is also able to fit microwave meals like lean cuisines in it as well as sandwich's wrapped in foil from truck stops. It does take between 45-60 minutes to warm up a meal so pre-planning is necessary. It has lasted him well over a year and still works perfectly. We would buy another in an instant. A few of his friends have already purchased their own.

Excellent!! I drive big trucks and this has ...
By Atticus on September 11, 2015
Color: black | Verified Purchase

Excellent!! I drive big trucks and this has solved my problem of how to have hot meals in a confined spot. I turn it on at 10am and by noon my otherwise cold lunch is a piping hot 200 degrees. Wouldn't trade for anything!!

No more cold food!!
By Mrs. H on November 11, 2015
Color: black | Verified Purchase

My husband hasn't been to eat anything warm because he works out on the field. He was seriously tired of eating sandwiches. So I had to find something that would help him eat warm food. I swear he's the happiest person ever. We plugged it and it started warming up within 15 minutes. Not just warm but heating up pretty good. If your spouse doesn't have a microwave or anything else to heat up their food, I truly recommend you to buy this for them. My husbands truck has a plug in, so it works perfectly. He warms up his breakfast sandwiches, burritos etc. He loves it, no regrets!!

Best thing I have ever bought
By Todd on June 7, 2015
Color: blue | Verified Purchase

Best thing I have ever bought. works great in the truck when I want hot food. HIGHLY recommend this thing.

Perfect for a truck driver heats the food up while ...
By Colleen on December 4, 2014
Color: blue | Verified Purchase

Perfect for a truck driver heats the food up while they are still driving.... hot homemade meals are easy to prepare better than fast food all the time... LUV this oven!!!! Works like a charm!! Flat Rubbermaid containers with red lids fit perfect BTW!!

Behold the awesome HotLogic Mini Personal Portable Oven
By Publiuson March 1, 2014
Color: blue | Verified Purchase

The HLMPPO is a great solution for truck drivers wanting to get away from the Heart Attack Hot Food Case at the truck stop. Buy a Coleman 12v 40qt cooler and then fill it with about 10-12 Marie Callender frozen meals from your next Walmart stop, then put 1 or 2 meals a day through the the HotLogic Oven and watch the savings pile up.
If you saved just 8 bucks a day this way, you'd be ahead almost $3000 after a year. And the food is better for you. This device is perfect for what I do, and an absolute steal at this price; wish i'd found it 10 years ago. I'll probably buy 3 or 4 more for other locations; car, home, spare, etc.

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