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For every HotLogic Mini purchased today, we'll donate one to the Center for Women in Transition.


Giving Tuesday

"So many of our longest and most loyal customers have been women who are concerned about proper nutrition and food preparation for themselves and their families. HotLogic recognizes that for women in crisis, who may be victims of abuse, or survivors of assault, in the process of changing their lives and moving on from dire circumstances, these concerns are no less important. That's why HotLogic directly supports the mission of the Center for Women In Transition." - Jake Wisner, HotLogic CEO

For each HotLogic Mini sold today, we'll donate one to the Center for Women in Transtion.


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HotLogic provides a variety of benefits to women in need.

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No stirring, flipping or turning food. HotLogic saves time–Just pop in any sealed meal container and a hot meal is ready whenever you are.

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Don’t pay for a hot meal when you can reheat leftovers to stretch your budget, or prep a meal beforehand and let it cook while you’re busy.

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The Hot Logic Mini won't ruin food like a microwave. Meals are cooked to the perfect temperature with no burning, cold spots, or hard edges.

HotLogic Mini: Buy One, Give One


The HotLogic will cook a meal from scratch in a couple of hours, or reheat leftovers in about an hour, then hold food at the perfect serving temperature until you're ready to eat. 
Today, when you buy a HotLogic Mini for yourself, we'll donate one to the Center for Women in Transition. 
Your purchase will allow you to eat well, and help a woman in need.


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Happy Customer

Five Stars

I really like this little hot oven!! I prep some of my meals during the week and this little thing keeps food hot and ready to eat within 60 to 90 minutes depends on how cold your food is!! I love it that is portable and you can actually take it with you on the road. I really love that it does not dry out your food like some microwaves do, especially chicken!! I use it at home and when i travel.

Erin S., HotLogic Customer

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