HotLogic Mini Deluxe

Tailgating Package


The 12v HotLogic is the best addition to your tailgate — the best way to cook and heat up food wherever you are.


Hot Takes

Just put your meal in any flat-bottom, sealed-lid container, drop it in the bag, plug it in and forget it. It's ready when you are.

The HotLogic will cook a meal from scratch in a couple of hours, or re-heat leftovers in about an hour, then hold your meal at the perfect serving temperature until you're ready to eat. It's the perfect tailgating companion!

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No stirring, flipping or turning your food. Just pop in any sealed meal container and enjoy a hot meal whenever you want.

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Don’t pay for a hot meal when you can reheat leftovers to stretch your budget, or prep a meal beforehand and let it cook while you’re busy.

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The Hot Logic Mini won't ruin your food like a microwave. Enjoy meals at the perfect temperature with no burning, cold spots, or hard edges.

HotLogic Mini Deluxe Tailgating Package


Start taking your favorite hot meals with you anywhere you go! Cook a meal from scratch or re-heat your favorite snacks for tailgating before the big game!

Foods are kept at the perfect serving temperature for up to 12 hours without ever overheating or drying out. Try with hot dips, chili, or chicken wings at your next tailgating party!


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Happy Customer

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    I had spaghetti and chicken parm in my hot logic yesterday. I love this thing more and more each time I use it. Tomorrow will be pancakes and sausage! Guys here on the job all ask about it.

    - Don T.

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