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Introducing the hassle-free personal oven that goes wherever you do. With HotLogic, your lunch is ready when you are.


Hot Takes

Just put your meal in any flat-bottom, sealed-lid container, drop it in the bag, plug it in and forget it. It's ready when you are.

The HotLogic will cook a meal from scratch in a couple of hours, or re-heat leftovers in about an hour, then hold your meal at the perfect serving temperature until you're ready to eat. Without over cooking, burning or drying out your food!

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No stirring, flipping or turning your food. Just pop in any sealed meal container and enjoy a hot meal whenever you want.

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Don’t pay for a hot meal when you can reheat leftovers to stretch your budget, or prep a meal beforehand and let it cook while you’re busy.

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The Hot Logic Mini won't ruin your food like a microwave. Enjoy meals at the perfect temperature with no burning, cold spots, or hard edges.

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HotLogic Mini w/ Pyrex


Tired of cold, boring salads and sandwiches for lunch? Expensive, unhealthy restaurant food? Or waiting in line at work to use a filthy microwave that ruins your meal? Then say “Hello!” to the Hot Logic Mini Personal, Portable Oven and start taking your favorite meals with you — HOT! — anywhere you go! Includes Deluxe Pyrex baking dish with tight-sealing lid. Cook a meal from scratch or re-heat your favorite leftovers at home, work or on the road!

Lightweight and Portable–It Goes Everywhere You Go!


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Happy Customer

Five Stars

This product solves a huge problem at workplaces everywhere. One of the most dreaded places in any workplace is the microwave room/kitchen. Only a handful of microwaves for hundreds of employees! Well I have been using this for about a year now and I love it! Being a hot plate, you'd think it burn any food or overcook it if you leave plugged in for several hours, but it doesn't! I plug this in by my desk when I get in in the morning, and by lunch time my food is perfectly warmed. And it functions as a great lunch bag as well.

I've convinced several of my friends to purchase this and they love it too!"

Stephanie T., HotLogic Customer

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